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Large Range of Fabric-over-Foam Gaskets Delivers Best Choice for Cleaner, Quieter Electronics

Dengrove Electronic Components has an extensive selection of products for EMI management, including fabric-over-foam gaskets in a choice of over 70 different standard profiles and sizes, available on reels, cut to length or as custom pre-formed parts ready for assembly.…

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Versatile, Sealable Covers Keep Cables in, Contaminants EMI Out

Dengrove Electronic Components has extended its protection and shielding portfolio with a versatile range of cable covers from Temas Engineering. Various types are available including flame-retardant PVC covers for cable tidying and physical protection, and shielded covers that provide a high degree of EMI protection…

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Dengrove offer EMI/RFI shielding products

Dengrove Electronic Components offer a range of EMI shielding products from their Franchised manufacturer TEMAS. TEMAS manufacture and supply a wide range of EMI shielding products into an environment where operating frequencies are increasing and devices are becoming more complex making them more susceptible to EMI.…

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