Versatile, Sealable Covers Keep Cables in, Contaminants EMI Out

Various Cable Jackets

Dengrove Electronic Components has extended its protection and shielding portfolio with a versatile range of cable covers from Temas Engineering. Various types are available including flame-retardant PVC covers for cable tidying and physical protection, and shielded covers that provide a high degree of EMI protection over a wide frequency range.

The shielded covers have a laminated aluminium/PVC construction, which alone provides around 70dB of attenuation. There is also a ground wire running the length of the cover. Choosing additional braided wire mesh or copper/nickel-plated polyester shielding further increases attenuation. Users requiring the ultimate in EMI protection can combine the braided wire mesh, conductive fabric, and aluminium/PVC outer cover to increase shielding effectiveness to 80-100dB from 0MHz to over 150MHz.

In addition, users can choose from various closure types, including plastic buttons, Velcro, a zipper, special rapid-installation fastening, or single-use pressure-sensitive adhesive. All types are available on either 25-metre of 50-metre reels, in a wide range of standard sizes to suit most applications. Custom sizes are also available, to special order.

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