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DIN-rail PSUs Go Beyond Rated Power to Boost Productivity, Saving Both Cost and Size

New DIN-rail power supplies available now from Dengrove Electronic Components can deliver up to 50% above rated power, which enables equipment to operate continuously during short-term overloads avoiding disruptive shutdown-reset, and allows designers to satisfy high system-demand peaks using smaller, lower-cost power…

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DIN-Rail Power Supplies Deliver Peace of Mind with 7-Year Warranty

The latest RECOM REDIN45 and REDIN60 DIN-rail power supplies, available now from Dengrove Electronic Components, have a 7-year warranty that gives equipment vendors and end users extra peace of mind over an extended service lifetime.…

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New RECOM DIN-rail power supplies, available from Dengrove

Dengrove Electronic Components has introduced the newly-launched RECOM 45W and 60W DIN-rail power supplies, which allow versatile end or side mounting and come with an industry leading seven-year manufacturer’s warranty giving customers complete peace of mind. The 45W REDIN45 and 60W REDIN60 models have 12V or 24V…

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