DIN-Rail Power Supplies Deliver Peace of Mind with 7-Year Warranty


The latest RECOM REDIN45 and REDIN60 DIN-rail power supplies, available now from Dengrove Electronic Components, have a 7-year warranty that gives equipment vendors and end users extra peace of mind over an extended service lifetime.

This high level of assurance is unique in the marketplace. The power supplies are built with high-reliability components, and have a design lifetime of 10 years (at 40°C ambient temperature). 100% full-load burn-in test means every unit supplied is ready to deliver sustained and trouble-free service.

The 45W REDIN45 and 60W REDIN60 power supplies are available with either 12V or 24V fixed output voltage. They feature a universal AC input that allows direct connection to line voltage anywhere in the world. In addition, the novel option of end or side mounting allows equipment the designers to mount the 41.1mm x 101.4mm modules conventionally, on-end, to occupy the least possible space on the rail. The extra flexibility of the alternative side-mounting option makes these power supplies a strong choice for use in cabinets where achieving a low profile is the priority.

Excellent power quality and stability are assured. The units have fast start-up time of 1000ms, cold-start inrush current limited to 60A, ±1% typical line/load-voltage regulation and ±5% dynamic regulation. Moreover by achieving typical efficiency as high as 87% for 24V models, no-load power of 500mW, and leakage current below 1mA, REDIN45 and REDIN60 power supplies can satisfy even the most energy conscious designers.

The units come with comprehensive approvals including CE mark as well as UL-508 and UL/ IEC-60950-1 general safety certifications. Safety features include 3.75kVAC/1-minute input-to-output isolation voltage, 100MΩ insulation resistance, over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature protection, and an LED DC-OK indicator. They also satisfy the EN61000 EMC specifications, as well as EN55011/22/24 and FCC Class B for EMI.

The combination of outstanding performance, flexibility and safety, as well as high reliability backed up by the unique 7-year guarantee, means REDIN power supplies are ideal for use in applications such as manufacturing, food processing, bottling, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and laboratory research.

Redundancy Simplified

The industry-standard DIN-rail mounting system helps accelerate equipment design and streamlines installation. Among numerous other advantages are modularity, high density, and the flexibility to configure or re-organise modules on the rail to simplify assembly and minimise wiring.

On today’s highly pressured production lines, maximising equipment uptime is an absolute must. If minor maintenance such as the replacement of a module is required, or unwanted events such as the failure of an AC power supply phase ocur externally to the equipment, these can prevent a threat to productivity. Equipment designers may implement redundancy to help keep production flowing.

Building redundancy into the power system to ensure zero equipment down time is easy with the REDIN45 or REDIN60. All units have a DC-OK relay that simplifies connection of up to three individual power supplies in parallel. The DC-OK LED provides a visual indication when a fault has occurred. There is also an externally accessible trim adjuster, which allows fine tuning of the output voltages of the paralleled power supplies to within ±100mV to permit connection to a common load. The design of the power supply housing allows modules to be mounted in adjacent locations on the DIN rail without requiring spacers, which simplifies assembly and helps maximise utilisation of the rail. Figure 1 illustrates the space-efficient positioning.

Figure 1. Din-rail mounting with no spacers required.
Figure 1. Din-rail mounting with no spacers required.

Dual redundancy, using two power supplies connected in parallel operating at 50% load, protects against failure or unexpected disconnection of one unit. The remaining power supply can operate at full load until the second supply is replaced or reconnected. Connecting three power supplies in parallel to protect against the failure of any single AC supply phase is equally straightforward, taking advantage of the DC-OK relay integrated in each unit. Figure 2 shows how up to three REDIN modules can be connected in parallel to protect against failure of an AC supply phase, a short circuit at the DC output, or removal of a power supply. Three REDIN45 power supplies can be used to make a redundant system up to 75W. REDIN60 units allow up to 100W maximum.

Figure 2. Connecting up to three REDIN power supplies.
Figure 2. Connecting up to three REDIN power supplies is straightforward, thanks to the integrated DC-OK relay and indicator, and the externally accessible trim adjustment.

Support of an Experienced Supply-Chain Partner

Choosing REDIN power supplies connects equipment designers with Dengrove’s expertise in the industrial marketplace, and close links with supply partners. Working with Dengrove, equipment designers can be sure of selecting the right products to satisfy the numerous technical, safety and commercial requirements, enjoying rapid design-in and a solution that will operate faultlessly throughout years of service.

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