Surface-mount isolated DC/DC converters save space and maximise flexibility

RECOM R2SX 2W isolated DC/DC converters
RECOM R2SX 2W isolated DC/DC converters

Now available from Dengrove Electronic Components, RECOM R2SX 2W isolated DC/DC converters measure only 15.24mm x 10.7mm x 8.0mm, delivering a space-saving solution for bus isolation and general industrial power applications.

These open-frame surface-mount modules are available with standard isolation rating of 1kV/second or in a high-voltage 3kV/second version. Customers can choose a nominal input voltage of 5V with unregulated 3.3V or 5V output, or 24V nominal input with 5V, 15V or 24V output. High efficiency is assured from 20% to full load, reaching a maximum of up to 86%.

Design-in is easy, with no minimum-load requirement. Only a simple low-cost LC filter is needed for EN55032 Class-B EMC compliance, and guidance is provided to help optimise the component values. The converters operate from -40°C to 75°C at full load and up to 100°C with derating.

The usual 3-year manufacturer warranty applies, and certification to the latest safety standards, IEC/EN/UL 62368-1, allows use in new generations of electronic products formerly covered by 60950-1 or 60065 specifications.

RECOM R2SX series DC/DC converters are in stock now at Dengrove Electronic Components.

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