Boost-Converter Evaluation Board Simplifies Power Upgrade for Longer-Running Wireless Sensors

The R-78S Evaluation Board (R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1)
The R-78S Evaluation Board (R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1)

Dengrove Electronic Components has a solution to make small battery-powered wireless devices run for longer, with the latest RECOM evaluation board for the 3.3V R-78S boost converter.

The R-78S Evaluation Board (R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1) maximises run-time by generating a regulated 3.3V output as the battery discharges to as low as 0.65V. In addition, test points for measuring load current and voltage help predict the application’s run-time in active and standby modes. There is also a holder for users to insert a 1.5V AA battery, which can store more energy than the coin cells often used to power plug-and-play IoT modules. Combining the extra battery energy, run-time predictability, and the R-78’s low-voltage boost, this board let’s users significantly extend the operating window of devices like wireless sensors.

To make this flexibility easily accessible for IoT-device developers, Dengrove is also stocking the R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1/STM-1 breakout board for connecting the R-78S Evaluation Board to the STMicroelectronics SensorTile module. The SensorTile combines MEMS inertial sensors, pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors, and a digital microphone, with a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) radio module. When connected via the breakout board, the R-78S Evaluation Board enables the sensors and radio to operate and stay connected far longer than if running from the original coin cell. Dengrove also has the R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1/SBL-1 board for the similar Arrow SensiBLE IoT wireless sensor module.

Dengrove can also supply the compact, fully integrated R-78S boost converter for volume production, when customers’ projects are ready. A reference design board, R-REF02-78S, is available as a ready-to-use example for IoT applications. The R-78S converter can also be supplied with a 1.8V or 3.6V output to power popular Bluetooth or LoRaWAN transmitters.

The R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1 evaluation board and sensor-module breakout boards are in stock now. Please call Dengrove Electronic Components for further information.

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