Low cost SMD DC/DC switching regulator module

DENGROVE release RECOM’s new low cost SMD switching regulator module for board-level power supplies. The ROF-78E is a low profile, postage-stamp-sized SMD DC/DC power supply module designed to provide 5V or 3.3V at up to 0.5A continuous load (0.95A peak).

The wide input voltage range of 5V to 36V has been chosen to accommodate standard fixed 12V or 24V bus supply voltages as well as lead acid battery supplies. The module is a complete SMD DC/DC power supply that requires no external components for normal operation. It is also short circuit, overload and over-temperature protected. An enable connection is provided to allow sequential start-up and shutdown control.

The modules small footprint of 12.5 x 13.5mm and a height of only 4.5mm will find many applications in low-profile PCBs, rack-mounted cards and restricted space designs. High efficiency of up to 87% means that no heatsinks or forced cooling is required to meet the -40°C to +75°C ambient temperature range (no derating). The ROF-78E comes in tape-and-reel packaging as standard and its low weight of 1g means that it is ideally suited for high speed automatic SMD board production. The four EPC (Edge Plated Castellation) pads allow easy electrical testing and solder joint inspection after reflow soldering.

Despite its low cost, the ROF-78E is subjected to the same rigorous RECOM quality checks as all other SMD products and carries the same 3 year warranty. The ROF-78E series is an economic alternative to discrete in-house designs.

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