RECOM's first full SMD construction significantly improves DC/DC converter production quality and specification

RECOM’s new RAM, RAZ and RTM converter families

Available from DENGROVE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, RECOM’s new RAM, RAZ and RTM converter families are the first low power DC/DC modules to feature full SMD construction including SMD transformers. This technology-leap significantly improves the production reliability and permits specifications thus far impossible for subminiature converters such as very high isolation (up to 4kVDC), wide ambient temperature operation (-40°C to +100°C) and full compatibility with vapour-phase reflow soldering.

Three series have been released: the RAM series (1W unregulated), the RAZ series (1W regulated) and the RTM series (2W unregulated). All series offer 5V, 12V or 24V inputs and 5V output as standard, but other voltage combinations are available on request. The converters have SOIC-28 small outline packages and function without the need for any external components.

The footprint measures only 18 x 9mm and the case less design means that the new series are ideal for space restricted and high temperature applications. The maximum ambient operating temperature is +100°C for the RAM series and up +90°C for the RAZ and RTM series, all specified without any de-rating. The new converters operate with up to 84% efficiency and are also suitable for high capacitive loads. They meet “Class B” EMC limits with the addition of only two external capacitors.

The high reliability SMD design means that the MTBF is almost 4 million hours. This combined with high ambient temperature operation and an exceptional vibration resistance of up to 15G makes these new series ideal for the most demanding industrial applications such as industrial controls, instrumentation, bus isolators and board-level power supplies.

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