New 1 watt converters for low power applications

RECOM Low Energy Power Applications

DENGROVE introduce RECOMs new 1 watt converters which are designed for low power applications. Limited energy budgets require highly efficient converters also at low loads.

The new R1S/E-, RB/E- and RO/E-converter series with low rated power achieve excellent efficiency up to 84%. More importantly, they reach 70% efficiency even at 20% load. Low heat losses allow these converters to be used at the extended ambient temperature range of -40°C to +100°C without derating.

The new converters come in three case styles: SMD, SIP4 and SIP7. The unpotted SMD design (R1S/E-series) can be used for vapour phase soldering processes and is available in “tape & reel”. Additionally, they are also offered in SIP4 (RO/E-series) and in SIP7 (RB/E-series).

The unregulated converters have 5V/200mA output and input voltages of 3.3, 5, 12 or 24VDC. They feature a standard isolation of 1kVDC/1sec and optionally 2kVDC/1sec and comply with EN60950-1 respectively UL60950-1. The MTBF is defined at 3,5 million hours. They carry the usual 3 years RECOM warranty and are ideal for industrial and environmental applications as well as in battery operated products. In short they are ideal in cases where high efficiency, a wide temperature range and good isolation are required.

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