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With the supply chain issues that many Crystal & Oscillator manufacturers are currently seeing, Jauch Quartz has been able to maintain a stable supply on all of its products and is confident that this will continue due to having the necessary controls over both the supply chain and raw material suppliers. Therefore if you are experiencing ‘supply chain issues’ on Frequency Control products please contact Dengrove Electronic Components with your enquiries

Jauch provides the most comprehensive range of structural elements for frequency control. Our high quality range extends from frequency control products for standard operating conditions to high-stability, shockproof components that are capable of operating under the most extreme conditions. Our products provide total reliability in the most demanding environments and fulfill the prerequisites of the most innovative high-tech applications.

New Product

The JRO32 is a very small size SMD oscillator which is only offered in a frequency of 32.7680 kHz. It uses a tuning fork crystal internally and is designed for a very low power consumption. The JRO32 may typically be used for battery powered applications to feed real time clock devices (RTC).

Background: After the introduction of the new JRO32 type, Jauch can offer two oscillator types in a frequency of 32.768 kHz. There are several basic differences between JRO32 and JO75 low frequency type” which are explained below:

The JO75 uses an AT cut crystal and is available for temp. stabilities of +/-100ppm down to +/-25ppm in operating temperature range of -40°C ~ +85°C or +/-20ppm in -10°C ~ +70°C.

It offers a HCMOS compatible output with “normal” rise & fall times (6nsec. max.) required to drive standard logic.

The JRO32 uses a tuning fork crystal, so the temperature stability curve looks like a tuning fork crystal. The JRO32 is especially designed for lowest power consumption, and therefore it has an output signal with a “slow” output rise & fall time (200nsec. max.).

Consequently, the customer must decide according to his application which would be the best matching type:

JRO32 for lowest power consumption, stability comparable to tuning fork crystals or JO75 for better temperature stability and wider temperature range.

Key-Features of the JRO32:

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