LW Reversal Decoupling Capacitors

TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. today announced details of the commercial release of the “JWK212BJ226MD” and the “AWK212C6 226MD.” These products are new additions to the company’s LW Reversal Decoupling Capacitor (LWDC™) lineup that position external electrodes on the long side of the rectangular chip shape of each device allowing the length-to-width ratio to be reversed. Both LW Reversal Decoupling Capacitors boasting dimensions of 1.25 x 2.0 x 0.85mm achieve an industry-leading capacitance value of 22μF.

These multilayer ceramic capacitors combine the dual characteristics of lower ESL and higher capacitance values for the decoupling of high-speed IC power lines such as CPUs and are used in such digital equipment as personal computers. In realizing higher capacitance, Taiyo Yuden is endeavoring through its LWDC™ lineup to further boost the speed and performance of end-use devices.

Production for both products will commence in September 2010 at the company’s Tamamura Plant in Gunma Prefecture, Japan at an output pace of 2 million units per month.

Technology Background

With personal computers and other digital devices increasing both in performance and functions, the trend toward ICs such as CPUs backed by a low voltage and high current is steadily progressing. As developments in high-speed ICs continue to advance, it is becoming increasingly essential to place higher capacitance, lower ESL decoupling capacitors in proximity to ICs to ensure stable operations.

Taiyo Yuden’s LW Reversal Decoupling Capacitors have been designed such that external electrodes are positioned on the long dimension of each device. By shortening the distance between electrodes, the company has therefore reduced ESL compared with other commonly used multilayer ceramic capacitors. At the same time, Taiyo Yuden has succeeded in lowering ESR characteristics through wider contact areas between internal and external electrodes. Since the release of its nickel-electrode high-value multilayer ceramic capacitor in 1984, Taiyo Yuden has worked to create higher capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitors by developing ever more sophisticated technologies that realize multilayer formation and increase the number of layers. In employing these technologies in these newly released LW Reversal Decoupling Capacitors, the company has achieved high capacitance values up to 22μF in the EIA 0508 size.

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