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Who is Dengrove

Established in 1982, owner managed Dengrove Electronic Components Ltd is closely connected to its franchise principals, technically focussed and committed to delivering customer satisfaction through high-quality products and support services. Our independence gives us the flexibility to support your projects every step of the way, from design to production and throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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Supplying electronic components to your applications

Why choose Dengrove

    • Established franchised distributor which is owner managed.
    • Committed to quality – ISO9001; 2008.
    • Component sourcing and kitting.
    • Individual customer service.
    • Technical skills.
    • Comprehensive support including logistics management.

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Latest from Dengrove

Tiny 2W and 3W AC/DC Converters Power Smart Electronics in Small Spaces

The latest low-power, energy-efficient AC/DC converters from Dengrove Electronic Components are small enough to fit inside existing cavities such as inside switch housings or behind cover plates, making them ideal for smart-building or IoT applications. The converters operate at up to 80% efficiency, and are available…

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