Action Circuits LogoIn partnership with Action Circuits Dengrove Electronic Components, are happy to offer a programming service dependent on the Customer requirements. Please contact us by calling 01525 237731 or emailing us on

Action Circuits are probably the largest provider in the European device programming service industry. We are continually investing in the latest hardware to give the highest levels of throughput to cope with the ever demanding requirements of the latest technology devices.

In today's complex and ever changing world of electronics manufacturing, the highest quality standards must be maintained to properly program devices. Our many years of experience and ISO/ TS16949 :2002 approved quality standards ensure that every chip or component that you send to Action Circuits will have been processed and handled to the highest quality standards. Our Strict ESD standards will protect your devices from static damage. All of the chip settings are confirmed by our first article agreement.

All devices are processed on a range of hardware using silicon manufacturer approved algorithms. Action Circuits can offer an unrivalled level of service, matching your requirements with the correct hardware.

For example we concurrently run over 30 different programming stations for microchip device programming, including BP4500, BP4610, BP4700 and BP4710 fine pitch automated programmers, which can handle virtually all programmable devices available today. Devices are fed from automatic tray stackers, or vibrating tube feeders. The handling system uses state of the art vision centring to ensure correct placement. Once programmed and verified, devices are laser marked and placed back into tubes or trays in one operation.