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October 8th, 2012

RECOM DC/DC converter

RECOM’s first full SMD construction significantly improves DC/DC converter production quality and specification

Available from DENGROVE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, RECOM’s new RAM, RAZ and RTM converter families are the first low power DC/DC modules to feature full SMD construction including SMD transformers. This technology-leap significantly improves the production reliability and permits specifications thus far impossible for subminiature converters such as very high isolation (up to 4kVDC), wide ambient temperature…

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September 19th, 2012

New RECOM High Power LED Driver for Street and Outdoor Lighting

RECOM introduce a New High Power LED Driver for Street and Outdoor Lighting

The new RACD100 and RACD150 series are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications whether they are running on 115VAC, 230VAC or even up to 277VAC including road, street and walkway lighting, LED signage and outdoor area lighting for car parks, public buildings and tunnels. The RACD150 series is a 150W fully sealed IP67 LED driver…

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August 29th, 2012

RECOM’s 20 Watt Buck/Boost LED Driver

Problem Solved – Dengrove introduce RECOM’s 20 Watt Buck/Boost LED Driver

With the introduction of RECOM’s buck/boost LED driver high voltages (up to 40V) can be delivered from a low voltage source (as low as 8V). This simplifies lighting systems with the use of a single driver and a long single string of LEDs. Standard LED drivers (buck topology) require the input voltage to be higher…

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August 13th, 2012

RECOM Powerful certified DC/DC-converter

Small but powerful certified DC/DC-converter

Dengrove announce that RECOM have extended its Powerline PLUS family with the RPR-series, designed specifically for railway applications these very compact converters work under extreme operating conditions without derating. Extreme conditions such as heat, cold, shock and vibration have to be met – exactly the environment that the RPR-series from RECOM have been designed for.…

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July 11th, 2012

RECOM introduce a new low cost switching regulator module

RECOM introduce a new low cost switching regulator module

RECOM’s new R-78E low cost switching regulator module offers all the advantages of a switching regulator (high efficiency, wide input voltage range, accurate output voltage regulation) but at a very competitive price. The R-78E offers a risk-free, pre-tested solution that makes designing your own switching regulator circuit redundant. Switching regulator ICs offer good efficiency but…

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